Our seminars and one on one sessions assist you in setting up your bitcoin and cryptocurrency digital wallets, exchange trading accounts, security options and phone apps to help you navigate around this exciting and evolving space.

We get you set up correctly and provide education to take away a lot of the confusion commonly encountered by anyone getting into these evolving markets.

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We believe the future for cryptocurrencies is enormous especially in bringing banking style options to the world.

It is a truly peer to peer medium of exchange of value.

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"Bitcoin is not a company. It is not an organisation. It is a standard or a protocol just like TCP/IP or the Internet. It is not owned by anyone. It operates by simple mathamatical rules that everyone that participates in the network agrees on. Through this simple mechanism, through this invention of Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin is able to allow a completely decentralised network of computers to agree on what transactions have occurred on a network, essentially agreeing on who currently has ownership."*

* 'The Internet of Money' by Andreas M. Antonopoulos *

Bitcoin Wallets Explained

Bitcoin Mining



Bitcoin is - simply put, a digital currency. The reason why we (and many others) think it is such a remarkable innovation is that this digital money is not controlled by any central authority. The Bitcoin network is completely decentralized, the currency itself is produced by a community, to which anyone can freely join. Bitcoin can be transferred almost freely and instantly in contrast to a bank transfer, where one must pay a significant amount of money and the completion might take days.

Bitcoin is not like the money we know, it is produced and held digitally. It is created by a network of computers that use a certain software protocol, solving mathematical problems. There will be only a finite number of Bitcoins that can ever be mined, so inflation is not a problem of this currency.
An online payment with Bitcoin is fast, secure and as anonymous as you want it to be, and the number of goods and services for which you can pay with digital currencies is constantly growing as well.



Soon after the launch of Bitcoin other cryptocurrencies started appearing.

By now there are hundreds of new coins introduced to the market, which differ from Bitcoin in some or many characteristics. For example they can be mined with less effort than Bitcoin, and the number of coins that can be ever mined also varies in the case of each coin. The most important difference between altcoins and bitcoin is their proof of work algorithm. In the case of altcoins the algorithm does not contain the protocol of increasing difficulty, which means it's easier and more rewarding for the individual to mine them than mining Bitcoin.

The success of a certain coin mostly depends on the strength of the community it creates. The altcoin that has the biggest market share after Bitcoin is Litecoin.



Bitcoin is created by the act of mining.

The members of the network provide their computational power for calculations of mathematical problems, and for this effort they are rewarded with bitcoins. However, the more members are mining, the more competitive is gets.

Computers are really good at solving these mathematical problems, so the Bitcoin Network purposely makes the solution more and more difficult, otherwise all of the bitcoins would be mined in a very short period of time.

This is why there are already many highly specialized hardware solutions on the market, their only purpose being exclusively to mine Bitcoin.

As new models come out quite frequently, everyone must regularly optimize their mining gear, in order to stay competitive. Once a new mining rig is introduced to the market, the old ones quickly become outdated and therefore unprofitable. At the same time this gradual development of the technology increases the overall difficulty of mining again.

The result is a never ending circle of the constant need to optimize. This explains why it's a must to start with the best available hardware and to start immediately in order to mine profitably for as long as possible as well as not to lose a minute of precious mining time.


BITCOIN CLOUD MINING - A great alternative to running your own mining rigs....

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You can set up your own account and start buying and trading Bitcoin with the links below.

You also need to deal with reputable companies and learn how to properly set up and use Digital Wallets, Exchange Accounts, Cold Storage of Funds and more.

BUT A WORD OF WARNING - there are many traps and scams out there that can cause entrants into the market to lose their money either by hacking or simply not setting up and securing their accounts properly.

We offer a service that gets you up and running in a One to One or Group environment making sure you are using secure sites and passwords, reputable firms, and ensuring you have your computer and devices properly set up and secured.

If you still want to go it alone - here are some good starting points for you.


These Companies will make it easy for you to get started and have a good reputation in the industry. Just click on the links provided.

You will need to verify your identity by way of Govt ID (Drivers License or Passport) and Proof of Residence (Utility Bill showing your address)

If you have not had any experience in this space before we would strongly suggest joining one of our seminars or one on one sessions where we get you started the right way with your accounts, exchanges and secure wallets. We also discuss the things you need to look out for so you get get caught up in the many scams that are out there.

Contact us for further details. - info@jmlmarketing.com.au


TRADE & BUY BITCOIN and DIGITAL CURRENCY - These companies are easy to set up an account with to buy Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

(Make sure you check out the notes below before you start)


Set up an account with this well known and trusted exchange dealing in Bitcoin, Etherum and Litecoin. - You can purchase using your Debit or Credit Cards and the limits will be increased as your usage increases. You receive a US$10 on sign up, once your account is verified.

To set up your Coinbase account click on this link:




This is a company that makes it easy to buy bitcoin with your debit or credit card and also allows for POLi Direct Transfers from your bank account.

To set up your Coinjar account click on this link:




  • CoinTree is another company with a simple, trustworthy interface to buy and sell bitcoin. It is easy to use and has a good support team is dedicated to answering your questions and queries as fast as possible.
  • The bitcoin balance can be verified externally whenever you want because your bitcoin is real. Whereas some services credit your account with a virtual balance.



Another well known Exchange that deals in a range of crypto-currencies. This site is a bit fiddly to set up but will allow you to set up your account so you can refill with USD, EURO and other currencies from some well known money transfer firms operating online. Firms such as CryptoCapital, WireTransfer, Capitalist, EPay and others.

To set up your EXMo account click on this link:





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